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Monocle – Epitomizing the Eyecube mentality

In Ideas, Innovation, Insight on April 14, 2008 at 10:13 am

The Eyecube concept (Innovation, Insight & Ideas) came to me in early 2002. I say this to cover myself because otherwise it could be easily construed that I derived the idea from Monocle, the supersmart global media operation that produces a gorgeous and always surprising magazine, as well as a very sharp website. The editorial is always smart and filled with intriguing and challenging articles. In a nutshell, these guys cover innovation, insight and ideas on a global scale, with a focus on business, culture and design.

Monocle, Issue 13Stories range from the latest in the travel and automotive industries, to retail, hotel and food trends. One recent video segment highlighted the frighteningly sophisticated world of video games in South Korea.

If your work inolves travel, or just collaborating with colleagues and partners from foreign lands, Monocle is a must. If your gig is strictly domestic, Monocle will show you what is likely to be hot here in the States in the not too distant future.


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