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Forget ‘my’, the web prefix of the future will be ‘our’

In Ideas on April 22, 2008 at 6:09 am

An article in Sunday’s New York Times talked about the preponderance of the ‘my’ prefix in web marketing. We all know them: MyYahoo!, MyCoke, MySpace, the list goes on. Add to that sites like YouTube and Ubid or even products like the iPod and it’s clear that the online marketing imperative of the last 10 years was to personalize and individualize the experience. There has certainly been a shift in consumer habits, ironically brought about in part by MySpace. Sure, people still want to customize their experience, but they want to do it within a community. Social media, the sharing of thoughts, words and video, is now the dominating concept on the web. Yet many marketers don’t seem to have caught up yet. How much longer before we see:

OurSpace, UsTube and WePhone

It’s not a matter of developing new products or services, though I suspect we will see that,  but rather a subtle repositioning as we transition from the personal to the social.

  1. I think it would be wetube.

    Also, I completely agree with you.

  2. agreed, but the cliche of everyone wanting to be different still applies, i dont want ourspace, i want my own space but still within a community…anyone read animal farm….

    also about basic rules of speech i suppose, ito of ownership of a spce/thing/etc etc, i phone you, you(r)tube

    who know, marketing people are evil

  3. I do have to wonder whether the majority are quite ready for “our” anything, as so many are still getting to grips with what “my” actually means.
    If marketers start changing their approach now we might see a few heads exploding over here – metaphorically – as people try to keep up.

    We’ve recently seen the launch of in the UK, which apparently stands for You, Me, Online.
    It wants to fill in some of the gaps left by the likes of Facebook, YouTube and MySpace and they’ve certainly made some interesting claims and promises – not sure how realistic any of them are.
    Behind it appears to be a desire to create something that is “our’s”. It is going to be interesting to see how well they develop.
    I have doubts but it might be fun lurking around and taking a look.

  4. I think something like Wikipedia is an example of how people are ready to collaborate and put their egos in check for a greater purpose. Sure, not everybody will be ready, but a more robust version of a Facebook group, for example, seems to be an idea that would take off.

  5. Interesting thoughts.

    If you look at the “crystal” child concept, (lots of trash about it on the web but a few sound things) then the “i/u” becoming “us” would be a natural progression in the years to come as the future rainbow generation develops into a collective energy of population.

  6. The Nintendo Wii… That was even a part of the marketing in the beginning. Things are just more fun in a group.

  7. Good forecast again Rick!

    I purchased a “we…based” domain name last month for this very reason.

    The Zeitgeist for 2008 and beyond is definitely about the collective.

    What will be really interesting though is how this will impact our very individualistic North American culture.

    Perhaps the talk of a public health care system in the U.S. is an early sign that our world views have already begun to shift towards the “we” you speak of.

    I wonder if there will be considerable resistance to products and messages presented in an “our” format from those who wish to remain individualistic.

    Furthermore, what psychographic, or demographic traits will be most effective to segment the “we’s” from the “my’s”.

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