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Smart Marketing – Ben Shot Me

In Insight on April 28, 2008 at 8:45 pm

About a month or so ago I contacted a blogger for work and we got off on a tangent regarding photography. I’m just starting to get into it, and he does it regularly/professionally. It was a nice email conversation and I thought nothing more of it.

Today I received issue #2 of Ben Shot Me, The Magazine. Photographer Ben Allsup has started putting his photos together into a DIY magazine and, and no small cost to himself, decided to send me one. I’m not family, I’m not even technically friends, but he decided to go out on a limb and mail me a copy. Awesome.

The thing I really like is that the magazine also contains stories that make the impact of the pictures deeper and more human. Great stories about watching the Polar Bear Club take their New Year’s Day plunge, or about Pamela and Kyle Peterson and their Pet Transport Service.

I’m a big believer in the power of images, but sometimes, when combined with stories, the images are enhanced. I feel the same way about The Sartorialist. I love his photos, but I find I’m always hoping he adds a little caption explaining the backstory of the photo.

Ben Allsup’s magazine also reminded me about the post I did on a little while ago. Yes, Ben could just post his photos on the Internet, it would be a lot cheaper. But having this magazine gives them permanence that the Internet cannot. I’m sure his kids(s) will have the magazines long after the hard drive has been erased.

So, a big well done to Ben, who understands that the best way to spread the word is to reach out to everyone and anyone, you never know what will happen.


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