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Pecha Kucha NY 5

In Ideas on May 1, 2008 at 8:45 am

Last night I attended Pecha Kucha NY 5 at Element. I was really excited by the idea of Pecha Kucha. It’s a presentation format utilizing PowerPoint. That’s pretty standard stuff for many of this, but there’s a twist. You only get 20 slides, and only 20 seconds per slide. The emphasis is on the visuals, so you don’t get slide after slide of bullet points. Cool idea. The execution, I was not as wild about.





Shown here: Rob Oden of Eco Securities (yeah, again not a great photo.)

At times it felt as if you were watching your friends slide show of his trip to the Grand Canyon. Most of the presentations failed to have a story structure or narrative. They lacked a build up and payoff, so slide 1 could have be switched with slide 18 and I don’t know that it would have made a difference. A couple of the presenters really tried to expand the concept and really tweaked the format, which was cool.

I think the idea is a strong one, having sat through dozens of text-heavy, overly-long, uninteresting presentations (both as part of the presenting team and the one being presented to). But you still got to tell a story.


  1. Hey Rick,
    I completely agree with your point about needing to tell a story in your presentations and try not to make them so text heavy. Here are a couple good tips:

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