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PSFK – What the new culture of creative business looks like

In Ideas, Innovation, Insight on May 13, 2008 at 10:55 am

I’m a big fan of PSFK. Yes, Piers and his posse are undeniably smart, but a lot of groups and organizations have smart people. I like PSFK because they don’t just sit around and ruminate, they do stuff. Lots of stuff:

Like Peep, and The Purple List, Conferences and if!, marktd and trend reports and likemind. They just keep cranking out juicy, crunchy, chewy goodness. They’ve now just released a book on San Francisco, using the tools that I’ve written about previously.

I really like PSFK’s approach to business. It’s seems less formal, though no less professionally done, than what you might see from traditional agencies and I think that is the way our industry (marketing, PR, advertising, branding, etc.) is headed. They’ve completely embraced the available technologies and are more interested in pushing out usable, engaging and interactive material than telling you how great they are.

If you haven’t checked them out, definitely click on some of the links above, I’m sure you’ll find something of interest.

  1. That’s very kind. Did you notice our new book too?

  2. Absolutely. It’s in the post (see above).

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