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Listening to music on the radio, VHS Tapes, Dinosaurs…

In Insight on May 16, 2008 at 6:00 am

All things of the past. I got a call last night from a telemarketer who wanted to know how often, in the last week, I had listened to music on the radio. FM, AM, satellite, any form of radio that was playing music.

I literally laughed out loud when he asked the question. I would guesstimate that I listened to about 10 albums worth of music this week. Of that, exactly 0% was sourced from the radio.  Part of the reason is that I live in New York and commute  by train (though I would probably listen to talk radio if I was in my car), but it doesn’t even occur to me to listen to music on the radio. I listen to music on my MP3 player or via iTunes from my computer. Works out great – no commercials, music I actually want to listen to, and I have total control of the playlist.

Here’s a list of other activities that were ‘must dos’ not that long ago that would have also elicited a chuckle from me:

1. Reading a printed newspaper more than twice a week.

2. Watching network nightly news

3. Sourcing my political news from the Sunday morning shows

4. Rushing home to watch any TV show (heck, even when I’m home I don’t rush to watch a show when it starts)

5. Reading a boxscore the next morning

6. Watching SportsCenter at 11pm (or the next morning) to find out who won a non-televised game

There are just so many better, faster, more convenient ways of doing all those things. If you are producing information content that isn’t mobile or time-agnostic, go find something else to do, you’re wasting your time.

  1. Now you’ve got me thinking.
    Despite being a newspaper man through and through, I have to admit to only buying one or two copies a week too. I’ll read everyday online, but buy The Guardian on a Monday for its Media&Marketing section and maybe my old newspaper on a Saturday (but invariably I’ll skim read these and re-read stuff online).
    TV news in the UK is appalling, so I tend not to bother as I get far more angry than I get informed.
    What was quite sobering last weekend was getting a chart music update from my mum and dad as I no longer listen to the radio stations playing it.
    I’m not a great TV watcher anyway, but we record plenty of stuff and I tend to make use BBC Interactive and iPlayer to get my Welsh rugby fix.
    So where do I get my information, news, music and entertainment from and what do I do all day and night…oh, yeah, I’m doing it now…

  2. What’s crazy is that newspapers, the good ones at least, have (had) such a massive advantage. They were well established, trusted and provided useful information. The best, and the Guardian comes to mind, have just found new, better ways to continue their business, which isn’t producing papers, it’s producing information.

    Too many though frittered away their advantage, or were too slow to move into new distribution areas or forgot what they really did.

  3. […] week Rick at EyeCube wrote a post where he reflected on his use of traditional media like radio, TV, and newspapers in […]

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