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The (Sports Marketing) World is Flat: Basketball & Soccer

In TSMWIF on May 20, 2008 at 9:06 am

The Sports Economist points to an article in the New York Times talking about foreign-born NBA players and their backgrounds growing up playing soccer in places like Canada, Brazil and Europe.

As a big fan of Arsenal, I’ve seen a lot of the basketball – soccer overlap. Spike Lee, a big hoops fan, has been wearing soccer jerseys for a while (I’ve seen or heard of him wearing Brazil, Arsenal & Inter Milan). The Arsenal team from several years ago were all big hoops fans, led by Patrick Vieira, Kanu and Thierry Henry, who is good friends with the Spurs’ Tony Parker.

With the global popularity of the two sports, it’s interesting that teams or leagues haven’t tried to work partnerships. Maybe we’ll see that in the future.

  1. You’re a gooner!!! Oh dear … 😉

  2. Sorry, not everyone is chosen. I’m sure your team is good too though.

  3. […] May 21, 2008 by Rick So, earlier I wrote about and linked to an article showing NBA players of foreign extraction using soccer as a training tool, or at least crediting their soccer upbringing with helping them (see post here). […]

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