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WordPress Marketing Bloggers Network Roundup

In Ideas, Innovation, Insight on July 2, 2008 at 1:43 pm

Let’s take a look at the hot topics from around the WordPress Marketing Bloggers Network:


* Aubrey Brewis over at First Call is talking about celebrities who are using technology to connect directly with their fans.

*Francis Anderson has a round-up of the latest goings-on in the world of marketing, including news from Sprint, Hasbro and Starbucks.

*Jax Rant focuses on the power of symbols.

*Rich from Liquid Architecture takes a look at how video games have been portrayed, and covered, by television.

*David at Marketing Integrity dives deep into Web 2.0.

*DJ Francis of the Online Marketing Blog asks if you’re outsourcing your best asset?

*Similarly, Paul Groves asks if newspapers have been focusing on technology at the expense of creating good journalists.

*Matt Hames, who believes People Like To Share points to a cool new way to view YouTube videos by theme.

*Larry over at Smart Brand Blog provides a case study on developing a Brand in 90 Days.

Good stuff all around.

  1. Great overview of such a variety of posts. Thanks for heading this up and bringing some of your favorites to our attention.

  2. Thanks for nice article!

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