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The (Sports Marketing) World Is Flat: David Beckham & Pepsi

In TSMWIF on July 9, 2008 at 10:12 am

As a fan of football (soccer) and someone involved in global sports marketing I’ve always found the case of David Beckham to be fascinating. He’s going to be remembered in much the same way as Madonna – a personality that changed the game, broke the rules and managed to re-invent himself more than once.

The latest savvy move from Team Beckham (and it is most assuredly a team of people who plot these things): Becks is requesting (demanding?) that Pepsi, for whom he is a spokesperson, find a more healthy brand from within their portfolio for him to associate with. Here’s the story from Brand Republic.

This is such a smart move by Beckham. It would be very easy for critics to come after him, arguing that he is pushing an unhealthy lifestyle on impressionable kids. By getting out in front of this, he looks like a champion of healthy living that is pulling his corporate partner, Pepsi, into the 21st century. What isn’t said, but hinted at in the Brand Republic article is that Beckham may just be angling for a higher profile (read more lucrative) endorsement deal. Perhaps a Beckham-branded water.

Beckham has been counted out both on and off the pitch in the past, but, like Madonna (and Mark Twain) reports of his demise may be greatly exaggerated.

  1. Rick: You’re right. Despite the way he is often portrayed by some in the media over here, Beckham is one sharp operator.

    So surely he would have already agreed this request/demand with Pepsi beforehand and a little way down the line (surprise, surprise) we’ll seen a healthy, Becks-endorsed Pepsi drink hitting the stores?

    Or maybe I’m just being too cynical again.

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