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To blog, or not to blog. That is the question.

In Ideas, Insight on July 16, 2008 at 12:12 pm

Fellow WordPress Marketing Blogger Matt Hames writes about the pressure to blog, and blog well and consistently, in response to this post from Michael Gass. While I agree that Gass might be giving short shrift to the challenges of blogging, I think there is another issue here as well. 

Matt is correct, maintaining a blog, which is oftentimes a major vehicle for brand exposure, should be done properly and that requires forethought, planning, dedication, intelligence and a whole lot more. But you can be too careful as well. Don’t be paralysed by the thought: “What if I post something that people don’t agree with?” Sure, you don’t want to write something really stupid, but let’s assume you weren’t going to do that anyway. Blogging is a very organic exercise. You may contradict yourself over time. I believe it’s more important to get your thoughts out there, even if they aren’t perfect, than to wait until they are. Because if you do that, you’ll never write anything.

The idea, when it’s in your mind, will always seem better than the actual thought on the page. And if you don’t actually publish, but just think about publishing your thoughts will always be genius because that’s how you imagine them. When you put something out there and it gets challenged, that’s when you really grow. Get involved in a conversation and defend your ideas, or acknowledge that someone else has a better take, that’s ok too. I don’t think any PR firm, ad agency or marketing consultant has a lock on great ideas – or is immune from having some stinkers. I’d rather work with somebody who has the occasional bad idea than somebody who has no ideas at all.

  1. Rick,

    Thanks for sharing your comments. When you look at the totality of my blog posts that are directed primarily to ad agency new business efforts, I’m trying to encourage them to get involved in the online discussions. They are woefully behind the curve when it comes to using social marketing tools and a lot of those that are using them are boasting and bragging about their agency instead of providing a help and benefit to their target audience. Keeping up a blog site and doing it right is indeed hard work. Agencies need to experience these kinds of tools for themselves and be persuaded that the benefits to them personally, to their clients as well as to their agency is well worth the effort. My blog is an evolution. I’m almost embarrassed at some of my early blog post but I had to start somewhere. I think I’m much better, have certainly learned much during this time and feel like I’m making a difference to those who have chosen to be part of my community. It’s been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had in my professional life.

  2. Michael,

    Thanks for sharing, I agree with you and share your philosophy. The only way to understand, and help your clients understand, is to do it yourself first. Like most things, it won’t be a thing of beauty the first time out, but with practice you do get better (at least I hope I will).


  3. That’s a good point that imperfect thoughts can create conversations and learning.

    I suppose an agency would want to limit the imperfect thoughts to as few as possible.

    I have stinker ideas that are stinker blog posts. But I’m just a guy. If I’m blogging for my agency, we all end up smelling.

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