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Geico: Crossing the Streams

In DINU on July 23, 2008 at 9:06 am

I’ve written about Geico in the past, both praising and condemning their advertising and the multiple Deeply Immersive Narrative Universes they have created. Got me thinking, what if they, to borrow a phrase from Ghostbusters, “crossed the streams”?

One of their current ad campaigns features ‘regular Geico customers’ who have their stories told by paid celebrities.  What if they used the Geico Gecko as the paid celebrity? Or, what if the ‘regular Geico customer’ was one of the Cavemen? 

This “meta” approach would be perfectly in keeping with Geico irrereverant approach and a knowing wink to their own place in popular culture. I’m sure guys like Henry Jenkins, Grant McCracken and Jason Mittell would have interesting thoughts about this sort of thing.


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