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Hi, Rick Liebling, Credible Hulk, nice to meet you!

In Innovation on August 3, 2008 at 10:30 am

Here’s a great site (courtesy of the always resourceful PSFK): Year of Creativity 2008. One of the many cool things to check out on the site is a massive database of whimsical professional titles, each with its own business card. Here are a couple I made:

 But don’t dismiss this as merely a cute idea or a little fun. There is power here, and it is the power of freedom. I think it’s unlikely that most of us would be able to really have these (or even want them) as cards to give to clients, prospective clients, potential business partners, etc. But, wouldn’t it be great even to have these just for yourself? Sometimes we all need reminding that we can be whatever we want to be, and that we are not defined by our current job titles.

These could be great to give to your staff as well.  Superhero with decision making power is a powerful (and empowering) title to give to your customer service reps, or even your receptionists.  Wouldn’t it be great is your team was filled with after-optimists who didn’t whine and moan, but rather looked to make the best of any situation? Personally, I’d love to be considered a Credible Hulk, especially as I work in PR.

I encourage everyone to go find your secret job and try to live it whenever you can.


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