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When Marketing Bloggers Attack!

In Ideas on August 26, 2008 at 12:18 pm
Look out, it's Peter Kim!

Look out, it's Peter Kim!

Check out the great little give and take between Peter Kim and John Moore of Brand Autopsy. It all kicked off with Dave Balter and his World of Mouth Manual II. Peter called him out for creating an Ego Trap that was enabled by bloggers like Rohit Bhargava, John Jantsch of the influential Duct Tape Marketing and John Moore among others.

Well, let the fireworks begin. Read the comments to Peter’s Anti-Balter Ego Trap post, it’s a who’s who of marketing bloggers: Jeremiah Owyang, John Jantsch defends himself, Adam Singer, Mack Collier from The Viral Garden, and Seth Godin jumped in as well.

For my part, I’m ok with Balter’s tactics for a couple of reasons: First, I think marketing and social media go hand in hand and there is a cooperative vibe where we all help promote each other. That’s cool, especially in the supposedly cut-throat business world. Secondly, Dave earned it by bringing quality and value. If his ideas were weak, would these people have helped? I doubt it.

But I do like to see the spirited debate. There doesn’t always have to be agreement and the industry as a whole moves forward when strategies and tactics are debated in the mareketplace of ideas.

  1. Hi Rick – for the record, I thought both Dave and Andy’s traps were quite clever.

  2. You know, I never understood why Peter was getting roughed up in the first place. He looked at the situation analytically, made some judgments, related it to a broader context (so we could all learn from it), and kinda left it at that. While I wouldn’t have used the word “duped,” I think he’s right on.

    It reminds me of the PR vs. non-PR meme that happened a couple of weeks ago. Personally, I get the most out of the initial salvos and much, much less out of the ensuing scrum.

  3. To be honest, I didn’t think the back and forth was that big a deal either, I was just having a little fun with the “When Marketing Bloggers Attack” headline. I don’t think Balter is out of line, nor do I think Peter was trying to kill the guy. Nor do I think the Peter Kim v. John Moore head-to-heard was anything major.

    But since we’re all usually such a mutual admiration society around these marketing parts, I thought this exchange was pretty fun.

  4. Great post topic Rick, you had me laughing!

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