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What Marketers Can Learn From Fantasy Football #2

In Insight on September 1, 2008 at 10:07 am

Fantasy Football players put a lot of time, effort and energy into one of the least important aspects of the game: The name of their team. Here’s an example: Peter Kim recently posted about his venture into fantasy football.  One of his main concerns? The need for a better team name. Well, when your league contains squads like Favre Beans (Joseph Jaffe), Munoz Mustache Club (Dan Cordella) and The Viral Gardeners (Mack Collier) you can get a sense of inferiority. 

But the true insight for me wasn’t that people are too focused on their team names, it’s that they wanted to put too much focus on their team names.  As a marketer you want your consumers to focus on product benefits and unique selling propositions, but sometimes they just want something that sounds cool or funny or mysterious.

My team? EyeQB. Pretty good, right?

  1. Half the fun is in the names. Like an indie rock band some fantasy football team names seem like random words put together. But the owner knows what his or her team name represents. The rest of us are just left wondering.

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