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Interesting New York – The Speakers

In Interesting New York on September 10, 2008 at 10:48 pm

Interesting New York is this Saturday. Here are the speakers…

Interesting New York Speakers - Wordle style

Interesting New York Speakers - Wordle style

Aaron Dignan, Alexandru Rosu, Allan Benamer, Amber Finlay, Azita Houshiar, Bernard Leibov, Bryan Fuhr, Bud Melman, Charles Rosen, Colin Nagy, Dallas Penn, David Art Wales, Dipti Bramhandkar, Doug Jaeger, Faris Yakob, Gaurav Mishra, Grant McCracken, Hillel Cooperman, Irving Slesar, James Cooper, Jeff Tuller, Jennifer Wright, Joel Johnson, Kevin Slavin, Mark Baltazar, Michael Karnjanaprakorn, Morgan Friedman, Nick Parish, Noah Brier, Scott Ballum               

By any reckoning that is an awesome list of thoughtful, dynamic and ‘interesting’ people. At $35 a ticket it’s about $1.20 per speaker.

Major kudos to David Nottoli for putting this program, and event, together.

  1. […] and here’s a Wordle representation of Interesting New York speakers […]

  2. Nice touch with the wordle’s

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