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Blog comments, the new business card

In Insight on September 15, 2008 at 11:41 am

On Saturday I attended Interesting New York (had I mentioned that before?). It was a terrific experience mainly because of the people involved, from organizers to participants to attendees. Just tons of really smart people. I exchanged very few business cards, but I’ve written many comments to people involved on their blogs – and many have written comments here at Eyecube.

It got me thinking, is blog commenting the new business card?  With a blog comment you leave critical information (name, email address, website) but more importantly you leave your viewpoint.  I think blog comments are far more memorable than a business card as well, or certainly can be.

  1. Comments are more like your online identity. A business card is for quick refferal and usually the basic information is the same over a long period of time. Comments on the other hand are for ever changing.

    But they both have the same goal, drive people back to your business for more information.

  2. well.. blogs has its own importance
    and business cards has its own but at the end is the persons choice which option suits him the best…

  3. Honestly – No. Most people will only do business with those they have met face to face. The the growth of the internet and the electronic generation – i can see the importance of leaving your information behind – but i feel many people ignore it unless its relative to what they’re looking for at that moment.

  4. I think it depends on the situation. The blog comment can certainly be used as an online business card, but I don’t think everyone looks at it that way.

    Both vehicles are great marketing tools, one is just more traditional than the other. In time we may see more of an online movement to internet business cards.

  5. Okay, Rick, in this case I broke my own rule and took a look at your post. I think that face-to-face meetings are a great way to foster interest in *you* and your blog, and certainly, exchanging comments is a great way to help cement the relationship into something more than just a one-time meeting.

    But, I think social media in general is the new business card. I often ask people their email address when we meet so I can send them a friend request on Facebook directly from my mobile application while we’re still talking. I carry around a collection of other peoples’ business cards in my purse, but I usually forget mine because they just seen so unnecessary because I’m just so easy to find.

    Thanks for making me break my own rule, just don’t do it again. 😉

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