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Bubblegum Sequencer – Reimagining music collaboration

In Innovation on October 1, 2008 at 9:59 am

Check out this cool music innovation – The Bubblegum sequencer (hat tips Mike Arauz via Bud Caddell and PSFK)

Check it out:

The part I like best comes at the end, when two people start working the machine. I always picture a DIY music producer as some dude in his darkly lit basement, trusty Red Bull by his side, working alone. The Bubblegum Sequencer allows for a more collaborative, inclusive environment, more akin to an Xbox 360 game.

  1. So when is WPPS going to open the doors to non-US wkoerrs. There are so many good operators who are desperate for these types of jobs yet can't get a look in.

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