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Barack Obama is in your X-box

In DINU, Innovation on October 14, 2008 at 1:41 pm

From Gigaom (via Andrew Sullivan):

Senator Barack Obama continues to build his Deeply Immersive Narrative Universe. Now he’s in your video game. Burnout Paradise features an in-game ad for Sen. Barack Obama which encourages games to vote early.

 Speeding towards the finish line










Image credit: 360 gamer “Jeffson” from his Rooster Teeth journal.

  1. Looks like Obama is gunning for the youth vote – will they turn out in droves to make his marketing dollars worth the spend?

  2. I think the youth vote was already going his way and I think they will turn out.

  3. pure brilliance. i think the Obama campaign should win some Cannes Lions…

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