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Brands – Get thee to a Twittery

In Insight on November 13, 2008 at 11:13 am

Recently Warren Sukernek conducted a study of Twitter users regarding their feelings about brands getting involved in Twitter. I strongly recommend you check out the post. Here are some highlights:

  • Not surprisingly, most users (89%) agree that brands should engage their customers on Twitter.The majority also have a better impression of brands that use Twitter for customer service (81%).
  • Proper usage of Twitter however, is paramount as almost 90% of users would frown upon poor or inappropriate brand use of Twitter.
  • The power of a relationship is extremely strong on Twitter. 60% of respondents would recommend a company based on their presence on Twitter and 80% of Twitter users will reward those brands they have key relationships by being more willing to purchase from them.
  • Influencers: More than 60% of respondents have 100+ followers and almost 50% of respondents have posted more than 1000 Tweets since they signed up for the service.
  • Are you on Twitter? What about your clients? Before you can reasonably suggest they get involved you should have some experience with Twitter. Play around a little bit, have some fun. Follow a lot of people, but don’t follow people blindly. Find people relevant to your industry or your passions. The more you use Twitter, the more fun/useful it becomes.


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