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Golf Digest – Excellence In Marketing Execution

In Insight on November 19, 2008 at 6:09 pm

Golf Digest is running a brilliant contest. They are giving consumers a chance to play a fantastic course – Bethpage Black – and do it with three celebrities in an effort to break 100 for 18 holes. You’d think you’d have to jump through some pretty tough hoops to land this prize. Nope. They are looking for the best six word essay. That’s right, just six words.

Brilliant for a couple of reasons. Golf Digest understands the goal of the contest isn’t to get the best essay, it’s to get the most essays, and therefore the most leads for new subscribers. Could they just have had people enter their contact info and done a random drawing? Sure, but that sets the barrier for entry too low. No, six words is genius because it gets people talking. People who may not have mentioned it otherwise, like ESPN radio’s flagship morning show, Mike and Mike in the Morning, who spent a good deal of time discussing it.

Golf Digest sunk an eagle with this and I bet they’ll get double the amount of entries they had last year for this contest (56,374 in 2008). Golf Digest nailed the Holy Trinity of marketing:

Memorable – They avoided the obvious 300 word essay or random selection

Compelling – Great, once-in-a-lifetime prize

Simple – Anybody can write a six word essay

More companies need to remember those three elements when designing marketing plans.

[/polite golf clap/]


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