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Can Twitter Move Product? Just ask @theBKLounge

In Uncategorized on January 9, 2009 at 3:23 pm

Earlier today on Twitter @creativewisdom questioned the Whopper Sacrifice promotion. I debated with her a bit (I love the promotion). Then jokingly said I was hungry and asked The King himself if he had any suggestions. Well, here’s what transpired:

The King's empire extends to Twitter. He is a wise and just King.

The King's empire extends to Twitter. He is a wise and just King.

That’s how you do Social Media. The King provided me with entertainment, a recommendation and then he even gave me a link to Google Maps for the closest store location. Well done BK. And yes, the Angry Whopper was pretty tasty.

  1. Yeah, I’ve noticed this “gutsy” style and have to think it fits with their target audience of young guys.

    A friend and I saw the Angry Burger commercial and she thought the next iteration to keep pushing the envelope would have to be the Big D*ck Burger. I hope she’s wrong, but I’ve gotta say, it fits in with their marketing style… 😉

  2. Now that’s engagement! I don’t know if this can scale enough to move alot of $3.69 Whoppers, but the word of mouth will certainly help. One thing that OnlineMarketerBlog brought up in his comment, made me think. Since the tone of the tweets fits with the commercial, who is handling the Twitter account, BK or Crispin Porter?

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