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You Can Tell When Brands Aren’t Scared

In Insight on January 9, 2009 at 12:06 pm

Grant McCracken (who is firing on all cylinders right now, by the way) recently turned his McCrackenian lens (ooh, did I just coin a new phrase?) on the new Nip/Tuck promo spots. Great post, go read it now. Here’s the video. (Sorry, had trouble with the embedding)

This is a great example of a brand that has lost any semblances of fear. That’s a very powerful thing. When you aren’t scared that people won’t get it, or that they will be offended, or that they will hate it you can come up with really great stuff.

I know this isn’t exactly a revelation, but it’s amazing how few brands are able to get into that place.

  1. I totally agree. It seems the whole reason an account manager exists is solely to convince the client not to be afraid!

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