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In Innovation on January 20, 2009 at 5:17 pm

Very impressive effort today by CNN and Facebook, teaming up for the inauguration. Interactivity, immediacy, customization, all the elements were there and the results were massive traffic. Don’t be surprised to see this sort of thing at the Super Bowl and Oscars.

Your new media marketing case study

CNN and Facebook: Your new media marketing case study

  1. Rick: Two other observations on that

    1. It probably works for things like inaugurations, Oscars and SuperBowls where the action ebbs and flows and gives us time to actually chat about it.

    2. It’s probably not something we’d do if we were with other people: if you were at a Super Bowl party, it’s unlikely you’d be chatting with people on Facebook or Twitter. You’d be chatting with your friends who were there live.

  2. Alan,

    I agree with both your points.

  3. Rick:

    I would agree with you that this is a vision of the future. However, I would say Facebook will be replaced by Twitter – and live tweets from the event will also be featured.

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