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Junta42 Celebrates Success With Branded Content Opportunity

In Uncategorized on February 4, 2009 at 12:25 pm
Get in the game

Contest Marketing: Get in the game

Joe Pulizzi over at Junta42 has a nice thing going. The guy owns the content marketing space; is a publisher author; and is helping connect content producers with those in need of said content via his Junta42 Match service. In fact, Junta42 match has helped make 100 matches, and to celebrate that success Joe is running a contest: $4,200 in 42 days.

Joe is committed to moving content marketing forward and he’s putting his money where his mouth is.  Here’s how it works:

Just submit your content project (that you want to outsource) to Junta42 Match between the dates of 2/4/09 and 4/2/09 (Can you believe that’s exactly 42 business days? What a stroke of luck!). All projects submitted during that time will be eligible for $4200, which we will contribute toward your content project – a magazine, newsletter, enewsletter, video series, white paper, website content, social media strategy, etc.

Once you submit your project, we’ll do our job and find you the best custom content providers in North America, just like we’ve done for companies like Research in Motion (makers of Blackberry), United Methodist Communications, and First Midwest Bank. Not only will you get to choose from the best content vendors for free, and with no obligation, but you’ll qualify for the $4200 (pretty cool, huh?).

This is a very cool idea and I’m more than happy to help promote this. I’ve met Joe and he is a great guy who is trying to make a difference by promoting something he (and I) truly believe in.  So, click the links above and get your content marketing project in gear.

  1. Thanks Rick…you are a gentleman and a scholar. Looking to have a little fun with this contest, and try to get some marketers thinking about the importance of their content strategy in the meantime.


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