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The Lesson? It’s Obvious.

In Ideas on February 19, 2009 at 11:24 am

Last week a friend of mine, Matt McQueen from Omnigage (they do experiential marketing, check ’em out), sent me an email about something called Obvious Adams. To be honest, I had know idea what he was talking about. Turns out Obvious Adams is a book, written in 1916, by Robert R. Updegraff.  It’s the story of an advertising man with an uncanny knack of seeing the… obvious. The book, which you could read over a long lunch, isn’t particularly remarkable.

What I did find interesting was that it was written almost 100 years ago and that despite being about a subject I care about and am familiar with, I had never heard of it, or its author. I was also intrigued by the way I received book. Not a hard copy, or even a link to a slick website. Matt send me a pdf attachment. Here it is.

I think this has a chance to spread, and I think the timing is right for it to do so. The premise – keep things simple – seems right for 2009.  Let’s see if this becomes an ideavirus.

  1. […] Obvious Adams. Book on advertising written in 1916. Thanks to Rick Liebling at Eyecube for this ideavirus. […]

  2. In response to a concept I wrote this year, a friend of mine (@pgha) said, “yeah, but that’s so obvious.” To which I replied, “yeah, but no one’s said it this way before.” sometimes the most obvious things are the things most of us overlook. Obvious = good. Or at least it’s the best starting point for me in terms of creative problem solving. 😉 Nice post.

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