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Playin’ in a DINU band

In DINU on March 3, 2009 at 10:01 am
Country, straight outta Brooklyn

Country, straight outta Brooklyn

I haven’t written much about DINU – Deeply Immersive Narrative Universe – in a little while. For an explanation of the term, see the tab above. 



This is the ‘tour bus’ for a band called The Defibulators (sic). These guys are telling a story with what normally would be just a generic, behind-the-scenes element of being a band. By picking this classic, 1970s ambulance they built a richer experience for their fans.

For more on the Defibs, check out the New York magazine piece from this week, or their website. Here’s a live clip:

  1. Hi Rick, thanks for the nod. Your blog popped up on our web alerts. Yes, it was kind of an epiphany moment for us when we decided to get an ambulance. We bought it off ebay then flew to southern Illinois to pick it up and drive it home. It has become a staple in our neighborhood where we park it (see a recent blog post about it – many a fan has been treated to a ride home in it after a gig. We even sometimes have our merchandise girls dress up in vintage nurse’s outfits, although shockingly, we try not to get too literal with the band’s name – we think of it more as a figurative revitalization of the classic country music we’re rooted in. We try to recapture the spirit and soul lost in the pop country of today. We have a lot of fun and try to ensure our audiences do the same. Despite that, running an independent band takes a lot of work and countless hours spent managing the business and booking our own tours. It has been a bigger sacrifice than we ever expected, so we’re constantly seeking creative sponsorship opportunities. Makers Mark has sponsored 3 of our shows, and Indira union suits keeps our washboard player stocked up with red long-johns. Many bands and artists these days are turning more to advertising and sponsorships to fill the void left by shrinking album sales. So keep us in mind if you come across any crazy companies that may be interested in attaching their name to a touring hillbilly band from new york city. Thanks again and all the best, -bug jennings

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