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The Fan Economy

In Ideas on March 3, 2009 at 2:58 pm
Go check out Bud's blog

Go check out Bud's blog

Bud Caddell, the thinking man’s thinking man, and author of the What Consumes Me blog has put together a nifty little slide show called The Fan Economy: Becoming Fan Focused.

Creating fans isn’t something you do with TV spots, two-for-one promos or direct mail pieces. You create fans by giving them enriching, compelling experiences. Isn’t that what sports teams do? Which is why they have fans.

Now, your business doesn’t compete for the Super Bowl, but you can still develop fans. How? By focusing on the consumer experience. How do you interact with people in person, on the phone or online? Are you providing what they expect, or are you giving them something extra, something they didn’t think your company did.

Creating fans isn’t easy, but when times are hard, customers will look for the cheapest alternatives. Fans will stick with you.

Thanks to Joe Pulizzi at Junta42 for bringing this presentation to my attention.


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