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March Marketing / Social Media Madness Preview #1

In Ideas on March 17, 2009 at 10:09 am

The field has been set, now it’s time for the previews. Today, we’ll do eight first round Thursday match ups. On Wednesday we’ll look at the other eight Thursday games, plus eight of the Friday games. Then on Thursday, we’ll preview the final eight Friday games.  Ready? Here we go:

#1 Malcolm Gladwell v. #16 David Mullen: Heck of a season for young Mullen, but his run to the tournament was, as Gladwell might say, an Outlier. Too much Gladwell in this one.

#2 Brian Solis v. #15 Jeff Pulver: Good matchup between two guys hanging out at SXSW right now. Pulver ‘owns’ VoIP, but I think this one is going to go to Solis.

#3 Aloha Arleen v. #14 Julia Roy: Julia, Mahalo for playing.

#4 Brian Clark v. #13 C.C. Chapman: I’d like to think Chapman has a chance here, but I think the title of his blog explains his like outcome.

#5 Guy Kawasaki v. #12 Shannon Paul: Two hockey lovers in this one – I think Guy comes out Alltop.

#6 Peter Kim v. #11 Rohit Bhargava: Will just Being Peter Kim be enough? Look out for an upset here, even if Rohit’s personality’s not included.

#7 Amanda Chapel v. #10 Faris Yakob: You never want to underestimate the Strumpettte, but Talent Imitates & Genius Steals this one in an upset.

#8 Pete Cashmore v. #9 David ArmanoWe predict Armano reaches Critical Mass and renders Cashmore Mashable.

So, we are predicting three upsets in these first eight games.  As a reminder, here’s how the games will be decided:

How will winners be chosen? Again, let me stress that this isn’t a scientifically accurate endeavor, it’s just a little fun. We all take what we do very seriously, but sometimes you just have to have a little fun. Losing a game here doesn’t mean you aren’t a pro, it means that in a completely meaningless little bit of Internet fun random selection didn’t go in your favor. Match results will be determined by a roll of the (10-sided) dice [Dungeons & Dragons flashback!] with a percentage weighting in favor of the higher ranked team. Here’s the breakdown in the first round (32 games total):

Number in parantheses is the percentage chance of winning:

  • 1 (73%) v 16 (27%)
  • 2 (70%) v 15 (30%)
  • 3 (67%) v 14 (33%)
  • 4 (64%) v 13 (36%)
  • 5 (61%) v 12 (39%)
  • 6 (58%) v 11 (42%)
  • 7 (55%) v 10 (45%)
  • 8 (52%) v 9 (48%)

Good luck to all the competitors.

  1. Just getting into the playoffs feels great. But it would feel better if my team were to make it past the first round.

  2. Jeff, if that’s a thinly veiled allusion to paying off the judges (i.e. me), I’m wide open. First round: $10. 🙂

  3. Happy to make a $20 donation to any cause of your choice.

  4. “I take having fun…seriously”/ Jeff Pulver.

    I believe that he’ll win 🙂

  5. Pulver is the underdog? Really? If I could wager this playoff in Vegas my money is on Jeff Pulver in the Final Four.

    The gentleman is like the CIA of social media… he has slowly woven himself into the fabric of social media internationally, not just the U.S.

    Rick, if this is like the Olympics and we can pay off judges, I’m in for a donation to a cause of your choice as well 😉

  6. Buying judges usually works doesn’t it? VoIP!!! (and only $20 c’mon…ya gotta convince him to get the others on your side!)

  7. I think I may be on the wrong side of the ranking, unless you’re including the aggregated results of the official Peter Kim Facebook group.

  8. If this is a fan club / fan page race, @PeterKim you need to get some more fans. Happy to share some from:

  9. If this is a fan club / fan page race, @PeterKim you need to get some more fans. Happy to share some from:

  10. Just for the record, just look look at this photo of Brian and myself –

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