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March Marketing/SocMed Madness Friday First Rd. Results

In Ideas on March 20, 2009 at 1:05 pm

Yesterday we saw some big upsets, but today, the big guns all marched on. That’s not to say there weren’t any upsets. 

As a reminder, here is the statistical breakdown I devised:

  • 1 (73%) v 16 (27%)
  • 2 (70%) v 15 (30%)
  • 3 (67%) v 14 (33%)
  • 4 (64%) v 13 (36%)
  • 5 (61%) v 12 (39%)
  • 6 (58%) v 11 (42%)
  • 7 (55%) v 10 (45%)
  • 8 (52%) v 9 (48%)
  • As you can see, it’s pretty tight. So, it’s understandable that some 3-6 seeds went down today. Here are your Round One, Friday winners:


    #1 Seth Godin defeats #16 Lisa Hoffman

    #1 iJustine defeats #16 Alan Wolk

    #2 Tom Peters defeats #15 Amanda Gravel

    #3 Gary Vaynerchuk defeats #14 Steve Rubel

    #3 Heather Armstrong defeats #14 DJ Francis

    #14 Darren Rowse defeats #3 Todd Defren 

    #13 Hugh MacLeod defeats #4 Geoff Livingston

    #13 Bud Caddell defeats #4 Laura Fitton

    #5 Joseph Jaffe defeats #12 Gavin Heaton

    #12 Johnnie Vulkan defeats #5 Greg Verdino

    #6 Sarah Evans defeats #11 Geno Church

    #11 Victoria Fishel defeats #6 Piers Fawkes

    #11 Rick Liebling defeats #6 John Moore

    Note – the results of this match were not determined by me. An independent third party oversaw that game.

    #10 Russell Davies defeats #7 Amber Naslund

    #9 Peter Shankman defeats #8 Adam Broitman

    #8 Shoemoney defeats #9 Katja Presnal

    So, how did the ‘Power Conferences’ do?

    I’ll post the Saturday and Sunday results over the weekend. Today’s results were witnessed/administered by Rich Gallagher.

    1. Arg! Well, I may be out, but at least I was bested by the best. Word up, Dooce.

      Critical Mass is going 1 for 2 with Armano still in there. Let’s go team!

    2. I don’t know Rick – this looks like some shaky rolls of the 10-sided dice…

      • Mr. Verdino, I will not sit idly by while my integrity is besmirched. All outcomes were arrived at fairly, and witnessed by a third party. Perhaps if you have practiced your free throws…

    3. Alas, the 10-sided Dungeons & Dragons dice was cruel to crayon.

      I now focus all of my virtual energy towards defeating the mighty British Cartoonist…followed by the Web 2.0 Sex Kitten.

      Bring it, baby!

      • Joseph,

        Indeed, your road to the Final Four is challenging, but your positive attitude – unlike that of your Crayon brethren – will no doubt see you through!

    4. I so deeply do not understand what is going on here. My best guess is that Greg and I beat Jaffe. And that Rick is a dragon.

      • Amanda, unfortunately you and Greg, along with Broitman were beaten in the first round. But yes, yes I am a dragon.

    5. Does this mean I’m not good at football?

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