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March Marketing/Social Media Madness Sat. Round 2 results

In Uncategorized on March 21, 2009 at 4:06 pm

Who will be in the Sweet Sixteen? We find out now. I had to look at each match individually to determine what the chance of each ‘team’ winning would be (I’ve included those odds within each result).

#9 Mike Arauz (60%) defeats #16 Jesse Newhart (40%)

#5 Noah Brier (48%) defeats #4 Scott Monty (52%)

#15 Steve Woodruff (38%) defeats #7 Josh Spear (62%)

#3 Aloha Arleen (55%) defeats #6 Peter Kim (45%)

#10 Mitch Joel (38%) defeats #2 Ann Handley (62%)

#1 Malcolm Gladwell (62%) defeats #9 David Armano (38%)

#5 Guy Kawasaki (48%) defeats #4 Brian Clark (52%)

#7 Amanda Chapel (43%) defets #2 Brian Solis (57%)

Lots of upsets this Saturday, with the clear Cinderella of this tournament being Steve Woodruff. Can this #15 seed make it all the way to the Final Four?

  1. Egging Mitch’s house now….

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