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Passion and Intimacy FTW

In Ideas, Innovation, Insight on March 24, 2009 at 9:09 am
DJ Spooky at Pecha Kucha talks about his Sinfonia Antarctica project

DJ Spooky at Pecha Kucha talks about his Sinfonia Antarctica project

Last night I attended Pecha Kucha NY 6 at Le Poission Rouge. The event was a bit uneven, and though I really liked the venue, it wasn’t right for a Pecha Kucha event. Quick shout out to the opening act, The Sam Barsh Band, who set a nice tone.

The key takeaway from the event is that ideas win when they are presented with passion and emotional intimacy. Yes, it’s tough to reach 1.8 million people all at once with passion and intimacy. Yes, it’s hard work to stand up in front of strangers who don’t know your cause and may not initially care. But when you listen to someone like Deborah Fisher from 21st Century Plowshare speak, it’s easy to see how she is going to get people to take action.

Another great speaker was Tina Roth Eisenberg, aka Swiss Miss (here’s her take on the event, from a presenter’s perspective). She mentioned her Creative Mornings events which sound really personal and engaging.

Finally, there was DJ Spooky, who spoke of his trip to the Antarctic and his Sinfonia Antarctica project:

A trip to Antactica is a pretty abstract concept for most people, and Spooky really needed another 15 minutes to get his points across, but even in the short time alloted to him, he brought his ideas to life because of the intimacy with the audience and passion for the subjecty (plus the guy is a smart cat).

Pecha Kucha is a good reminder that you don’t have to start big. A slow build can recruit other passionate people to your cause/idea/project.

  1. Thank you for the thumbs up on my presentation! Waving from DUMBO.

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