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The Costs and Benefits of Social Media Marketing

In Insight on March 30, 2009 at 8:42 am

Any long time readers of Eyecube know I’m a big fan of PSFK. They’re terrific at curating the trends, movements and people who are shaping the present and future of consumer behaviour, art and pop culture.

But what I really appreciate is their willingness to ‘get stuck in’ as the English footballing phrase goes. Rather than sit on the sidelines and pontificate, they make things happen. Whether it be a conference (got your ticket yet?) or a book, they are always putting something out there.

Recently they pulled back the curtain to show how some of their own recent Social Media marketing efforts panned out.

This is an excellent, step-by-step look at what they did, how they did it and what the results were. Honest and unbiased, they weren’t simply cheerleaders for SocMed, nor were they completely dismissive. Ultimately, and this is the issue I grapple with both personally for this blog, but also professionally with the clients we have at Taylor, the biggest factor is the time investment. You simply can’t effectively have a Social Media presence that will positively affect your business without a significant outlay of time.

Time is a precious commodity, more precious than money. But Social Media can scale. As you put in more time, you see greater results. Also, when done consistetly and correctly, Social Media will begin to do the work for you. If you are bringing value, engaging in conversations and promoting not just your efforts s but the efforts of others, your ideas can spread more quickly and with more credibility.

I encourage you to take a look at the PSFK report, it’s quite in-depth and is filled with useful data and information.


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