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Books as Marketing Tools

In Insight on May 28, 2009 at 11:10 am
Godin, Kawasaki, You

Godin, Kawasaki, You

Great post by Joe Pulizzi over at Junta42 on writing a book as a marketing tool called “Why You Need to Publish a Custom Book: Q & A with Eloqua’s Steven Woods.”

This is especially interesting to me as it’s a subject I’ve been considering. I feel that I’ve reached a certain plateau with eyecube right now. I’m looking at several things to help push me through the dip and on to the next level. Perhaps a professional logo (more on that soon), owning my own URL (in the works) but probably the thing I think would make the biggest impact woudl be publishing a book.

Joe’s interview has lots of great advice and tips. Because both the subject, Steven Woods, and Joe have written books, you’re getting great first-hand advice, this is not theoretical stuff.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

JP: Why a custom print book over something else?

SW: I think there’s still something about the format of a book.  Regardless of whether it’s a physical book, or on Kindle (we did both), the length of the format lets you dig into an area more deeply than you would if you were reading a one or two page article online.  We wanted to give marketers something that they could take on the plane, relax, and make their way through, getting immersed in the topic for a few hours.  I’ve had many marketers tell me that that was exactly how they read the book, and when they landed, they had a host of new ideas to take back to their teams and get started on.

I think each format has its own unique characteristics, and they work best when they are used together.

I encourage you to check out the whole post, but I also encourage you to take a shot at writing your own book. It doesn’t have to be a Seth Godin-best seller, but I think the process and the product will be beneficial.

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