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Real v. Manufactured Dance Flash Mobs

In Insight on June 10, 2009 at 11:52 am

Seen this one yet? Seth Godin and Faris Yakob have both featured it (and many others I’m sure):

Both Seth and Faris point out the subtle nuances that make this dance party take off.

For me, the big issue is authenticity. Would all those people have jumped up and joined in with a bunch of professional dancers? Probably not. As much as I love this Improv Everywhere-inspired bit from A&E, they are a self-contained group for the most part. Take a look at this recent MC Hammer-TV show promo event:

Fun stuff, but notice that no ‘civilians’ are participating. Some are bemused, some seem even a bit frightened at first. Compare that to the first dance video whic has a far more powerful vibe. You can feel the electricity and it isn’t manufactured, it’s real.  As I noted in my earlier post, experience is important and you can see the difference in these two videos.

  1. I agree, the first video has a certain magic to it. It captures (authentic) human crowd behavior in under five minutes. Improv Everywhere pulls some neat stunts but they don’t give off the same vibe. I think you made a good connection and it says a lot to authenticity.

  2. Hi – thanks for sharing! I love all of these, and I think the more entertaining they are, regardless of authenticity, the bigger the bang overall.

    Here’s a link to another example from earlier this year (T-mobile)

  3. Thanks for stopping by Caleb. Rosaleee, the T-Mobile spot is good theater, but for me is a little hollow. For all I know it was filmed at 2 in the morning (or on a soundstage) and the actors were not only the dancers, but the bystanders as well. It’s really well produced, and great fun though.

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