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Foundtracks is an independent art project I’ve been thinking about / working on since April 2008. In mid-September I began distribution of the physical output and posted the content details here. You may also want to check out the Deeply Immersive Narrative Universe page for more on the idea of fan creation and how brands/franchises/content creators can build stronger ties to their fans. 


 For more on Foundtracks, check out the official Foundtracks website.





Foundtracks is a creative mash-up, appropriating from the worlds of literature, music and film to create a tangible object from a ‘what if?’ alternative universe. For the academically inclined, I call this Transmedia Arti(fiction). The idea for Foundtracks came about like many ideas do, bouncing around, spinning and tumbling before landing some place unexpected. At some point I became curious about why the book The Catcher in the Rye (TCITR) had never been made in to a movie. Eventually I discovered that J.D. Salinger just wasn’t going to let that happen. What about a sequel to the book though? What happened to the characters later in life? I imagined what that would be like, but I could never write that novel myself. Could somebody take the idea of a sequel to the original book and make a movie? Again, not something I could do, but  the movie would have a soundtrack right? Maybe I could put that together?


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