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NY Times Magazine Thinks There Might Be Something To This Whole Social Media Thing

In Uncategorized on February 14, 2009 at 1:22 pm

Here’s a sneak peak at the Sunday, Feb. 15 New York Times Sunday Magazine:

Illustration by Peter Arkle for NY Times

Illustration by Peter Arkle for NY Times

Page 14: William Safire takes a look at the etymology of the words mash-up and remix in his On Language feature.

Page 15: In The Medium, Virginia Heffernan muses on writing a Facebook Status Update.

Page 17: Rob Walker’s Consumed column uncovers the artist behind Twitter’s Fail Whale. 

Next week: A fashion spread with pre-eminent bloggers/supermodels Greg Verdino, Adam Broitman and Geoff Livingston.


The Blog That Cried Wolf

In Ideas on July 21, 2008 at 12:59 pm

Rohit Bhargava (pictured left), author of the always excellent Influential Marketing Blog today posted about something he calls Egommunication, the practice of throwing “shout outs” to the powerful members of the Web 2.0 universe (people like Peter Rojas, Greg Verdino or Susan Reynolds) as an alternative, and often more effective, way of getting their attention. These people are acutely aware of when they are being mentioned on blogs, twitter, etc. and will quite possibly follow your Siren call back to your blog.

One of Rohit’s commenters, Nicolas Maisonneuve, had a cautionary post on this sort of thing which he termed “Artificial Attention Spamming.” 

As a relatively new blogger I can see the lure of egommunication. I would love Rohit, Chris Brogan, Mitch JoelAlan Wolk or some of my other Facebook friends to check me out. But intuitively I know that the communication has to be authentic to be lasting. Can an authentic relationship begin with an ‘inauthentic’ meeting? Yes, I think that it can in some cases. I’m not looking to sell no-down payment home loans or products guaranteed to increase anyone’s sexual pleasure. And these people will ultimately still have the power to decide if a relationship can be started. They come to Eyecube, like what they see and leave a comment or link to this post or add me to their blogroll. Or they look around and decide its not for them. I hope (believe) that there will be some content here they will like, but with so many blogs in the marketing/branding/social media universe, sometimes you have to shout a little louder (or in a different language) to grab attention.