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March Marketing / Social Media Madness Preview #2

In Ideas on March 18, 2009 at 8:54 am

Let’s take a look at the other eight Thursday games, and eight of the Friday match-ups:


#1 Chris Brogan v. #16 Jesse Newhart: Unfair draw for Newhart who could have gone far under different circumstances.

#2 Ann Handley v. #15 Doug Haslam: Clash of the Tewksbury, MA natives! I give this one to the Professor.

#2 Jeremiah Owyang v. #15 Steve Woodruff: Even getting up at Five in the Morning won’t be enough for Woodruff.

#4 Scott Monty v. #13 Chip & Dan Heath: Monty will certainly drive to the hoop, but will the Heath double team be Made to Stick?

#5 Noah Brier v. #12 Jane Quigley: Quigley will need the 64 pack of Crayons to pull of the upset here.

#7 Josh Spear v. #10 Rob Walker: Can Walker avoid the Undercurrent? I’m Buying In to the upset.

#7 Grant McCracken v. #10 Mitch Joel: Battle of the Canadians!

#8 Connie Reece v. #9 Mike Arauz: Another win for Team Undercurrent?

And now, bonus previews of half of the Friday games:

#1 Seth Godin v. #16 Lisa Hoffman: Rooting for Godin is like rooting for Duke. Take that however you like.

#2 Tom Peters v. #15 Amanda Gravel: Peters doesn’t rebuild, he just reloads.

#3 Gary Vaynerchuck v. #14 Steve Rubel: If Gary Vee wins it all, will we douse him with wine instead of champagne?

#4 Laura Fitton v. #13 Bud Caddell: If Bud wins this, he really will be living the dream.

#5 Greg Verdino v. #12 Johnny Vulkan: A Vulkan upset here would be an Anomaly.

#6 John Moore v. #11 Rick Liebling: I’m guessing Moore will be doing an Autopsy on me.

#7 Amber Naslund v. #10 Russell Davies: If it were football (the proper English kind) or cricket maybe. But I’m going with Naslund.

#8 Adam Broitman v. #9 Peter Shankman: I think some reporters may have to help Peter out.