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My name is Rick Liebling. I’m the Global Director, Client Management, for Taylor, a PR agency with offices in NY, LA, London, Chicago and Charlotte. I’ve worked with brands such as MasterCard, Gillette, Yahoo!, Johnnie Walker, Guinness and Xbox, helping them leverage their sponsorships across such properties as the Olympics, FIFA World Cup and Formula One.

In addition to my global sports experience, I enjoy sharing my thoughts on branding, marketing and media. I’m also the founder of Arsenal America, one of the most prominent and active supporters clubs in North America.

Here’s seven more facts about me you might find interesting:

1. For a brief time in college I was a DJ at the UCR radio station.

2. After college I worked in professional baseball (front office) for the Colorado Springs Sky Sox, San Bernardino Stampede (now the 66ers) and the New York Yankees, where, in addition to interning in the Media Relations department I also served as Assistant to the Travelling Secretary, making me the real life George Costanza.

3. I was once featured in a Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine Dream Jobs article.

4. I’ve done a one-on-one interview webcast with Pele, had drinks with Sir Viv Richards, been to Ozzie Smith’s house, ate dinner with George Brett at his favorite Mexican restaurant and had David Cone catch me sleeping in the Yankees clubhouse before a playoff game.

5. I founded the WordPress Marketing Bloggers Network.

6. My two favorite bands of all time are The Smiths and Belle and Sebastian.

7. Just about the coolest marketing-related thing I’ve ever seen was The Beast.

You can email me at

A Disclaimer: The views expressed on this site are solely my own, and do not necessarily reflect the thoughts and opinions of Taylor or their clients.

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  2. sports management marketing…

    I think you hit the nail on the proverbial head with this one….

  3. Periodically we ALL think of metaphors… – so what’s wrong with another one – periodically? (0r yet another,,,

  4. I love your site. Keep it up !

  5. […] Rick Liebling created this periodic table which gathers together Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Blogs, and other such stuff. […]

  6. […] Rick Liebling’s piece expands on this beautifully: It would be fair to define..(our goals)… as building an emotional connection between consumers and a brand. Certainly not the only definition, maybe not even the most accurate, but not off base either. Art, in all its forms and by the broadest of definitions, stirs the passions and elicits emotions like nothing else – with the possible exception of love, and that’s the subject of much of the best art. Consumers don’t want a itemized list of hyperbole and industry jargon, they want a story that captures their imagination. […]

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